Yves Tumor shares surprise ‘The Asymptotical World’ EP

Full of high-energy grooves and powerful rock guitars.

Yves Tumor has surprise-released a new EP, The Asymptotical World.

Arriving on June 15 via Warp Records, the EP continues Tumor’s foray into rock territory. Across its 6-track tracklist, Tumor speeds up the tempo and adds heavier guitars on tracks “…And Loyalty Is A Nuisance Child” and “Katrina.” The tracklist also includes “Tuck,” featuring industrial dance duo NAKED.

The EP also will be available on vinyl as either a 12-inch or a 3×7-inch box set, with copies set to be shipped from October 15.


Tumor previously previewed the EP with the fiery “Jackie,” which they put out in June. The Asymptotical World follows their 2020 release, Heaven to a Tortured Mind, which marked Tumor’s first turn into rock stylings.

Prior to “Jackie,” Tumor appeared in Karma & Desire, the accompanying short film to Actress’ seventh album. Last year, they also featured on songs from Joji and Kelsey Lu, on “Reanimator” and “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out” respectively.

Listen to the EP here:


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