Yves Tumor is back with a bang on “Jackie”

Continuing the experimentalist’s rock star reinvention.

Yves Tumor is back with an epic new single, “Jackie.”

The track is their first since their 2020 record, Heaven to a Tortured Mind. Stylistically, “Jackie” continues Tumor’s transformation from experimental electronic producer to flamboyant glam rocker.

Over towering guitars and spacey boom-bap beats, they croon about the titular character, their verses touching on themes of obsession and fixation. “These days have been tragic / I ain’t sleeping / Refuse to eat a thing / I can’t tell you what happened / I ain’t sleeping / I ain’t eating,” he sings in the chorus.


The track was also accompanied by a psychedelic, AI-powered video directed by creative studio Actual Objects. Tumor does battle with the guitar-wielding Jackie on a devastated planet, as lightning surrounds them in a landscape hyper-saturated with color.

Last year, Tumor made an appearance in Actress’ album and accompanying short film, Karma & Desire. They also featured on tracks from Joji and Kelsey Lu, in September and December respectively.

Watch the video for “Jackie” here:


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