Wild Nothing release new single, “Letting Go”

Jack Tatum’s dream pop project also detail their upcoming album, ‘Indigo.’

Wild Nothing have just shared their new song, “Letting Go,” off their upcoming album Indigo.

The single is reminiscent of the ’80s synth pop, using heavy ambient effects, the striking echo of the synthesizer and chiming guitar riffs to evoke a hazy, nostalgic retro vibe much like Craft Spells and Beach Fossils.

“Letting Go” is released in anticipation of Indigo, which drops August 31. The follow-up to 2016’s Life of Pause, the new LP aims for the sound of “classic studio records,” said frontman Jack Tatum.


The dream pop musician said he crafted demos for Indigo alone in his studio, experimenting with instruments to recapture the retro tone, before assembling the band for the recording. Synth pop veteran Jorge Elbrecht was brought on board to repurpose sounds from Tatum’s demos for the final album.

“I think about how my music will age. Ideas of ‘timeless’ are going to be different—so if Indigo is not timeless then it’s at least ‘out of time,’” said Tatum.

Listen to Wild Nothing’s new single:


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