White Reaper bring classic rock back on “Real Long Time”

Guitar-forward grandeur.

White Reaper have released “Real Long Time,” their second single since signing to Warner’s Elektra Records. It will appear on the band’s next album, the follow-up to 2017’s The World’s Best American Band.

The Louisville group’s new cut spares none of the catchiness found in their previous singles. Double-tracked guitar solos herald the start of the song in true classic rock style, evidence of the band’s heavy ’80s influence.

“All of our records are super different, and I think that’s on purpose because we’re just always evolving… The songwriting on this one was all us,” bassist Sam Wilkerson explained to Stereogum. “People might have the idea in their head that once you go major label, they have all the control. But in this case, that was not true.”


White Reaper went on to reveal that their next studio full-length will hopefully be released later this year, pending a few last-minute changes. For the new record, they opted to work with Jay Joyce, who has produced FIDLAR and Cage the Elephant.

Watch White Reaper’s video for “Real Long Time” here:

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