Weezer deliver both fan favorites and new cuts at NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

But there were no covers in the setlist, sadly.

Weezer squeezed behind NPR’s Tiny Desk to perform acoustic renditions of singles from their latest release, The Black Album, as well some tunes from deeper within their catalog.

Old favorites “Longtime Sunshine” and “Across the Sea” were slotted in as fan choices, while “Living in LA” and “High as a Kite” were the newer songs of choice. They did forego cuts from The Teal Album, their January release consisting exclusively of covers (including that viral cover of Toto’s “Africa”).

The Los Angeles band had previously revealed they’d shot the Tiny Desk performance back in February, when they sent a tongue-in-cheek tweet lamenting that they were unable to find prominent correspondent Nina Totenberg while at NPR.


Watch Weezer’s Tiny Desk here:

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