Watch Wye Oak’s bizarro video for “It was Not Natural”

Venture into the furthest reaches of vocalist Jenn Wasner’s mind.

The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs is Wye Oak’s most haunting album to date. So it’s only fair that the indie band’s new video for a track off the record is as weird and surreal.

The clip for “It was Not Natural” is like a fairy tale—if that tale was told by Salvador Dalí. It follows vocalist Jenn Wasner through the chambers of a rural home, while objects levitate, lights flicker on and off, and mirrors detach themselves from the reality they reflect. Wasner then retreats to a surrounding forest to participate in some strange ritual with mysterious, zentai suit-clad figures. Yep, like the track’s title itself, there’s nothing natural about the visual.

Check it out here:


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