Watch Toto cover Weezer’s “Hash Pipe”

“This is our tribute to Weezer. God bless ’em,” said Steve Lukather.

Do rock titans Toto and Weezer have some kind of unspoken bromance? Because a few months after Rivers Cuomo’s band covered “Africa,” Toto have returned the favor by taking on “Hash Pipe” at a concert in Vancouver.

It was a tight, professional performance from the veteran rockers, who swapped out the original’s quirkiness for consummate musicianship. Steve Lukather even threw in a spidery guitar solo, just because.

“We figured since we were smoking hash since before they were born, that was the one we should do,” Lukather told the crowd before the song. “I’m not condoning this sort of behavior, but we were young once.”


Fingers crossed that Weezer responds with a cover of “Hold the Line.”

Watch Toto’s cover here:

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