Watch the video for Leonard Cohen’s “Happens to the Heart”

The late singer’s posthumous album, ‘Thanks for the Dance,’ arrives next month.

A video for “Happens to the Heart,” the lead single from Leonard Cohen’s posthumous, final album, Thanks for the Dance, has been released.

The beautiful clip follows a young man dressed in a Cohen-esque suit as he navigates a forest. As he walks, he slowly strips himself of the outfit before encountering a monk who gives him a black robe. The young man makes his way to a rocky cliffside, where he meditates and levitates off the ground.

The video for “Happens to the Heart” is the first in a series of artistic films created in response to songs on Thanks for the Dance. The initiative is a partnership between the Leonard Cohen Estate and Sony Music Canada.


“I wanted to make something that spoke to Leonard’s years as a zen monk,” director Daniel Askill said in a statement. “This film is a quiet, symbolic narrative that charts the letting go of ego and the trappings of fame.” In 1994, Cohen started a five-year-stint at the Mt Baldy Zen Center in California, where he became an ordained monk.

Cohen died in his sleep in 2016, three weeks after his 14th studio album You Want it Darker was released. Thanks for the Dance was completed by Cohen’s son, Adam, who recruited various collaborators to work on leftover material and recordings from their work together on Darker.

Thanks for the Dance is due out November 22 and will include the previously released intro track “The Goal.” Watch the video for “Happens to the Heart” below:


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