Watch The Strokes’ video for new single “Bad Decisions”

Their new album, ‘The New Abnormal’, comes out in April.

The Strokes have released “Bad Decisions,” the second taste of their forthcoming album, The New Abnormal.

The song arrived alongside a retro video which was inspired by ’70s infomercials. In the clip, “customizable” clones of the band are hawked to audiences for just five dollars a month. It’s all very nostalgic until the copies start to explode and their faces begin to melt.

In a panic, the host of the infomercial accidentally pulls down the set’s curtains, revealing an army of Strokes clones being grown in tanks backstage. A bald version of frontman Julian Casablancas in one of the tanks serenades the audience as the visual comes to an end.


The Strokes previously announced The New Abnormal with the song “At the Door.” The record, their first since 2013’s Comedown Machine, arrives April 10 via RCA Records.

Watch the video for “Bad Decisions” here:

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