Watch the “Pleasure Seeker” MV by Ty Segall’s new band

The prolific fuzz rocker will release yet another album with The CIA.

Ty Segall has a new band with the Google-unfriendly moniker, The CIA, and they’ve just put out a video for “Pleasure Seeker” to tease their forthcoming self-titled album.

Segall almost seems determined to be one of the most prolific artists of 2018: This will be his sixth full-length album released this year alone, following the four he put out as Ty Segall and one with his band GØGGS.

According to Consequence of Sound, The CIA comprise Segall and Cairo Gang’s Emmett Kelly on bass, Ty’s wife Denée Segall on vocals and lyrics, and RE Carlos on drums. Denée also stars in the clip, shot in the style of a VHS home video.


“In a world filled with so much anger and chaos we must find a way to escape, at least every once and a while, to an alternate reality where only pleasure exists. This realm is different for everyone and can be conjured in many ways. It can be found by walking the dog, indulging in a decadent meal with friends, or stepping out into the void and sitting in silence under the moon. I endorse and participate in all of these methods,” she wrote of the song.

“However, there is one technique that soars above the rest. ‘Pleasure Seeker’ speaks of the ultimate release. The one which is absolutely essential to life itself. Love—in any and all of the forms it inhabits. Tender or eccentric, self or shared. Each one of us seeks a pure kind of intimacy. Carnal comfort binds us all. Seek, and you shall find.”

The CIA is out this December on In The Red Records. Watch the video below:


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