Watch The Marías’ dreamy clip for new song, “Jupiter”

The B-side to their last single, “Hold it Together.”

Indie rock outfit The Marías have released “Jupiter,” the B-side to their previous single, “Hold it Together.”

The accompanying clip for “Jupiter” was directed and styled by lead singer María Zardoya, and shot on 8mm film by Alondra Buccio. The visual zips between candid moments of the Los Angeles band in nature and stylized shots of Zardoya in a swimming pool surrounded by orbs of light.

“[‘Jupiter’] was written and fully recorded in the middle of an empty desert in early 2019, during the same time that we wrote and recorded ‘Hold it Together,’” the band explained in the video’s YouTube description. “This is part of the A-side/B-side release, and this is side B. The 10” vinyl will be coming out very soon. Love you.”

Watch the video for “Jupiter” below:



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