Watch The Killers’ new video for “My Own Soul’s Warning”

They’ve also confirmed the release date of their new album.

The Killers have released a music video for “My Own Soul’s Warning” from their long-awaited album, Imploding the Mirage.

The new video, like the previous clip for “Caution,” excerpts a short film that The Killers made with director Sing J Lee. This particular clip focuses on an affectionate married couple, who are also acting in a film together.

The band have also confirmed the release date of Imploding the Mirage. The record was initially due out in May, but was postponed and will now be released on August 21.

“COVID-19 monkey wrenched us,” The Killers wrote in an Instagram post announcing the new date. “But we persevered. Folks, mark your calendars.”


Imploding the Mirage, which also includes the track “Fire in Bone,” comes three years after The Killers’ last record, Wonderful Wonderful. While you wait for their new album to drop, watch the video for “My Own Soul’s Warning” here:


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