Watch The Beths’ charming video for “I’m Not Getting Excited”

From the New Zealand band’s upcoming sophomore album.

The Beths have released “I’m Not Getting Excited,” a new single from their upcoming sophomore album, Jump Rope Gazers.

The catchy track is about impostor syndrome, according to vocalist Elizabeth Stokes. “People always ask ‘are you excited!?’ and it’s a fair question, because exciting things do happen to us sometimes,” she explained in a statement. “Support slots, overseas tours, music releases. Stuff we’ve dreamed about for years. So the correct answer is always ‘yes.’

“But the truth is that deep down there’s a tiny Liz saying, ‘don’t get excited.’ She is certain that anything good that could happen will most likely not happen, because of a freak accident. Or because somebody finally realises that we aren’t worthy, shouts ‘phony!’ and takes everything away.”

“I’m Not Getting Excited” arrived with a charmingly shambolic music video that the band shot in their native New Zealand during the first month of coronavirus lockdown. Its directors, who go by Sports Team, “turned our laundry into a film studio and spent our inside time mastering the art of stop-motion animation,” Stokes said.


“We animated old towels, all the cardboard in the house and The Beths themselves… frame by bloody frame. There’s a lot of scary imagery in the song that we wanted to play on. There’s a madness too, in the contradiction between what the song is about and its frenetic energy. It has defined the lockdown for us—being locked indoors but furiously busy.”

The new song is the second preview of Jump Rope Gazers, the band’s follow-up to 2018’s Future Me Hates Me. The new record is due out July 10.

Watch the video for “I’m Not Getting Excited” here:


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