Watch Silversun Pickups’ video for “Don’t Know Yet”

From their latest album, ‘Widow’s Weeds.’

Silversun Pickups have released a video for “Don’t Know Yet,” from their latest album Widow’s Weeds.

The clip, which was directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, intercuts meditative scenes of Silversun Pickups members with shots of them performing the track. The latter approach was something the band had shunned in the past, but “at that point we honestly thought, ‘Who cares what we want,’” frontman Brian Aubert told Billboard. “We thought that [Ortiz’s idea] seems to feel really right with the song. We couldn’t figure out how the song necessarily worked in some more clever, narrative thing.”

He added, “We just realized, I think, it’s time we have something very, very fundamental, like a really well-shot performance video. We felt like maybe people want to see us in this one. It’s a hard thing to get us to want to do. We never think about having to see us; We’re like, ‘How boring…’ But for this one it seemed correct.”

Widow’s Weeds, Silversun Pickups’ fifth studio album, was released in June 2019. Watch the video for “Don’t Know Yet” here:



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