Watch Mac DeMarco and his band cover Radiohead’s “High and Dry”

The indie rock funnyman swaps places with his drummer to play an, err, ‘interesting’ cover of the Radiohead classic.

Sometimes, we’re not quite sure if Mac DeMarco is a comedian or musician. Or, more probably, he’s just in it to have a ball. Like what he did at the Chile leg of Lollapalooza: trade places with drummer Joe McMurray to deliver the crowd-pleasing ’90s anthem, “High and Dry.”

It isn’t a flawless cover, not by a long shot. McMurray doesn’t even try to emulate Thom Yorke’s falsetto, instead straining his slacker vocals through the cover. Not that the crowd minded, of course—they were just egging the band on. And seeing DeMarco flash the widest grin you’ll see today on the drum throne is worth the watch itself.

Check out the cover here:


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