Watch Kurt Vile evade parking tickets in video for new single

The visual for “Loading Zone” also stars Kevin Corrigan.

Kurt Vile has released a new track titled “Loading Zones,” and he’s heralded the drop with an amusing visual.

The track itself is classic Vile: twangy guitars and laid-back country-style vocals. It’s nothing to jump up and down about, but then again, that’s his vibe.

In the clip, the former War on Drugs guitarist cruises around his Philadelphia hometown in an old-school red Maserati, just going about his day as he casually evades a slew of parking tickets. At one point he even autographs a ticket and hands it back to the parking police, played by Kevin Corrigan. When it seems like he’s finally caught by the authorities, the indie rocker switches cars and smugly drives away.


He’s also promoted the video with an amusing stunt, mailing fans fake parking tickets. That’s one way to get your fans’ hearts racing.

Check out this fan’s reaction:


And watch the hilarious MV below:

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