Watch Japanese Breakfast’s lavish video for “Savage Good Boy”

Her third single from her album due in June, ‘Jubilee.’

Japanese Breakfast—aka Michelle Zauner—has released a new single, “Savage Good Boy,” alongside an extravagant self-directed music video.

According to a press statement, Zauner said “Savage Good Boy” was inspired by a headline about billionaires buying bunkers. “I found myself adopting the perspective of a rich man coaxing a young woman to come live with him underground, attempting to rationalize his almost impossible share of greed and miserliness,” the Philadelphia singer-songwriter shared.

Her lyrics reflect the man’s perspective. “I want to make the money until there’s no more to be made / And we will be so wealthy I’m absolved from questioning / That all my bad behavior was just a necessary strain / They’re the stakes in a race to win,” Zauner croons.


Its accompanying music video mirrors the song’s concept, with lavish set-pieces and elaborate costumes. In the visual, Zauner initially plays a subservient character to an arrogant man played by The Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli. At the end of the video, she whispers sweet nothings into his ear, before taking a chunk out of his neck.

Japanese Breakfast directed the track’s music video, as with the visuals for her previous singles this year: “Posing in Bondage” and “Be Sweet.” In a press release, Zauner name-dropped work by directors Chan Wook Park, Stanley Kubrick and Sally Potter as cinematic influences for the latest video.

“Savage Good Boy,” along with its preceding singles, will be included in her upcoming third album, Jubilee, slated for June 11. Zauner also recently released a best-selling memoir, Crying In H-Mart.


Watch the video for “Savage Good Boy” here:

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