Watch J Mascis take on Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine”

The Dinosaur Jr frontman brings an Americana-inflected vibe—and a few incendiary solos—to the Led Zep tune.

At a rehearsal for a Led Zeppelin tribute gig in NYC a few nights back, J Mascis launched into a stunning cover of the legendary band’s “Tangerine.”

The frontman of Dinosaur Jr, rocking a sparkling purple Telecaster, brings his own inimitable style to the song. We’re talking searing guitar solos, that slack-jawed drawl and a casual, almost effortless, swagger. The backing band even managed to get a touch of Americana in there.

And for those who can’t get enough Led Zep, there’s more stuff coming from them for Record Store Day 2018.


Watch the “Tangerine” cover here:

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