Watch I Break Horses’ vivid video for “I’ll Be the Death of You”

From their upcoming album, ‘Warnings.’

Shoegaze group I Break Horses have released a gorgeous video for “I’ll Be the Death of You,” a new single from their upcoming album, Warnings.

For the striking clip, the Swedish act—led by artist Maria Lindén—recruited Douglas Hart, whose resume includes visuals for UK rock luminaries like My Bloody Valentine, The Libertines, Primal Scream and The Horrors.

The video makes gorgeous use of a shifting yellow-pink-orange color palette, capturing Lindén in various locales, including on a cliff by the ocean and in the heart of a city.

“With a song so beautifully arranged and musically textured, the video needed to mirror this by using extremes of colour and light to underscore the sound,” Hart explained in a statement. “Also musically the song has an epic quality… So the dramatic locations were chosen to match the scope of the arrangement.”


Warnings is I Break Horses’ third album. It comes six years after their last record, Chiaroscuro, and will be released May 8 via Bella Union.

Watch the video for “I’ll Be the Death of You” below:


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