Watch Haim’s video for “Man From the Magazine”

Danielle Haim works behind the counter at a Los Angeles deli.

Haim have shared a video for “Man From the Magazine” from their album Women in Music Pt III.

The clip casts Danielle Haim as a listless worker behind the counter at a Los Angeles deli who sings her part as she disinterestedly serves men their orders. The video was directed by filmmaker and frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson, who also helmed the clips for the album’s bonus tracks “Summer Girl,” “Now I’m in it” and “Hallelujah.” He also co-directed the video for “The Steps” along with Danielle Haim.

Haim’s blank, bored expression in the video reflects the song’s scathing lyrics, which address music journalists and their double standards towards the all-female band.


“This song had been in the works for a while,” the band explained on Instagram. “It started out as a joke between us when journalists asked us questions that were an eye roll (do u make the same faces in bed as you do on stage? Do you actually play on your albums??🙃🙃🙃) later on down the line we found ourselves singing the line, ‘man from the big rock music magazine, what did you say???’ to each other as an inside joke between the three of us.”

Haim also teased an extended version of the track, explaining the verses that made the final cut for “Man From the Magazine” were just a few of many.

Other tracks on Women in Music Pt III that have received visual treatments include “I Know Alone” and “Don’t Wanna.” Watch the clip for “Man From the Magazine” here:


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