Watch Haim sprint in their new video for “Don’t Wanna”

That’s just what you do in an empty parking lot at sunset.

Haim have released a video for their song “Don’t Wanna,” from their newly released album Women in Music Pt III.

The sister trio shot the video in the parking lot of California venue The Forum, where they were due to play a headlining show—until the pandemic hit. It’s a simple enough clip, shot in one take: Haim saunter in the parking lot at sunset, speeding up to a brisk walk and, finally, a run. Lead vocalist Danielle sets the pace, which her sisters Este and Alana try to match. A metaphor for sibling love and rivalry? Maybe—or just a funny video of three women sprinting in an empty parking lot.

Haim released Women in Music Pt III last Friday. Their third studio record, it features songs like “I Know Alone” and “The Steps,” plus bonus tracks “Summer Girl,” “Hallelujah” and “Now I’m in it.”


Watch the video for “Don’t Wanna” now:


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