Watch Father John Misty’s bizarre stop-motion video

Josh Tillman battles hell and high water in the clip for “Please Don’t Die.”

Attention Wes Anderson, Father John Misty’s new “Please Don’t Die” music video may just give Isle of Dogs a run for its money.

This three-minute animation is full of frames you’d want to pause and scrutinize. We have a puppet, crafted in the image of Josh Tillman, moping in a wrecked living room filled with empty bottles, cigarette butts and other remnants of a broken soul. The puppet then descends to hell, canoes with the Grim Reaper, battles a bunch of skeletons, visits his own grave and is finally rescued by astronaut angels. There’s a lot going on here—we mean every word.

The video for the folk-rock single is released in anticipation of his forthcoming LP, God’s Favorite Customer, which arrives June 1.


Watch it here:

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