Vampire Weekend drop “Big Blue,” “Sunflower”

The latter, which features Steve Lacy, is the band’s first song with a guest artist.

Vampire Weekend announced their return in January with two new songs, “Harmony Hall” and “2021,” taken from their forthcoming album, Father of the Bride. Now, they’ve delivered another double-drop: “Big Blue” and “Sunflower,” which features Steve Lacy, a member of funk group The Internet.

The latter track was a cause of some panic for frontman Ezra Koenig, as he explained in a recent Rolling Stone interview, because it shared a title with Swae Lee and Post Malone’s hit song for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. “‘God, we have to get this out!’” he remembered thinking.

Vampire Weekend’s song is very different from Swae and Posty’s track, though—a bright and cheerful track, it begins with nimble guitarwork by Lacy, and goes on to feature plenty of scat-adjacent, almost nonsensical singing.


“‘Sunflower’ is the first song ever released by VW with a feature and I’m glad it’s Steve,” Koenig said in an Instagram post. “He told me the first song he ever learned on guitar was ‘A-Punk,’ which is hilarious cuz he is now way better at guitar than me.”

“Big Blue” also prominently features guitar, but as its title suggests, is more wistful and reflective.

Accompanying these new tracks was also the confirmation of Father of the Bride’s official release date. The album will arrive May 3. Hear both new songs below:


“Big Blue”:


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