Ty Segall unveils new single, “Radio”

A peek into his upcoming record, ‘First Taste.’

Ty Segall has released “Radio,” the second single from his forthcoming album, First Taste.

Over hypnotic sitar riffs and energetic percussion, Segall contemplates feelings of anhedonia in a tech-saturated world. “I just want to sit and watch the new radio / Watching people die all night long on the radio / It makes me feel like I am living for free,” he rasps.

“‘Radio’ is a science non-fiction song,” Segall explained in an idiosyncratic statement. “We live in a [David] Cronenberg film. It has Videodrome saxoheadphones. I am a slave to the new radio and so are you.”


The track follows previous single “Taste,” which premiered last month. First Taste will be the prolific musician’s 11th studio LP and arrives August 2 via Drag City.

Listen to “Radio” here:

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