Tom Morello remembers Nat Turner on new song, “You Belong to Me”

Inspired by the African American’s slave rebellion in 1831.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has released a new solo track, “You Belong to Me.”

Despite Morello’s reputation for wailing electric guitar riffs, “You Belong to Me” is a subdued, acoustic cut that leans closer to the output from his solo project The Nightwatchman.

The song was inspired by Nat Turner, the Black American slave who led a slave rebellion in 1831. “In his right hand he held a shotgun / In his other hand a torch / Master’s shot went wide / Nat Turner stood him on his knees / The plantation burned around them / Master cursed and whispered, ‘Please,’” Morello sings.

Morello also directed the accompanying video, using visual representations of his lyricism to bolster the compelling tale. “Our present is tethered to our past,” Morello wrote in the YouTube description. “The overseer’s whip & noose of history are today echoed in the policeman’s baton & pistol. I had a very clear idea I wanted to express with the song & the video and that is: Sometimes, enough is enough.”


“You Belong to Me” is a follow-up to “Stand Up,” Morello’s song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. It featured contributions from the Bloody Beetroots, Shea Diamond and Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds.

Watch the video for “You Belong to Me” here:


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