Tom Morello joins Anti-Flag on new song, “A Dying Plea Vol 1”

A powerful charity single.

Political punk band Anti-Flag have shared their new single, “A Dying Plea Vol 1.”

The group show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement on their latest track, which features additional vocals from Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, DE’WAYNE, Marcia Richards and Jálise Della Gary.

The song was accompanied by a powerful visual that stitches together visuals of the recent BLM marches and ends off with a shot of Donald Trump in front of the White House. “The 2020 election has highlighted the heightened divide between so many Americans,” Anti-Flag wrote in a statement. “It has also clearly defined the unity among the ruling classes, who hand pick and present political candidates who have no intention of challenging an unjust structure of power which protects and enriches the nation’s economic elites.”


Anti-Flag went on to issue a call of arms, asking for everyone to help “hold these people accountable, fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all bigotry. The change we seek doesn’t come from presidents, prime ministers or popes. It has historically and will always come from The People… Vote. Strike. Boycott. Protest. Win.”

All proceeds from “A Dying Plea Vol 1” will benefit various charity funds and organizations including SARI, Justice LA Now and Sisters Pittsburgh. According to the band, a second track will follow “A Dying Plea Vol 1,” although no further details have been shared just yet.

Prior to their new single, Anti-Flag shared their 12th studio album, 20/20 Vision, back in January. On it, the band strike a similar tone, calling for the world to unify and overthrow oppressors.


Listen to “A Dying Plea Vol 1” below:

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