Thrice share new visual. announce release date for ‘Palms’

The video for “The Grey” stays true to the band’s propensity for visceral productions.

Thrice have come a long way from their roots as a high school band. The American rock group, known for their innovation, have influenced countless post-hardcore acts over the courses of their nine albums. That’s not gonna stop anytime soon.

The band have just announced the tracklist and release date of their forthcoming album, Palms. And to go along with the news, they also dropped a video for the single, “The Grey.”

In keeping with Thrice tradition, this video is well produced and shrouded in mystery. It’s shot in grayscale (of course) and takes place in an asylum. The people committed here are covered in either white or black powder and housed separately. A pair of women from either side of the fence spend the entirety of the video trying to escape—although, spoiler alert: They succeed.


Along with the visual Thrice have also confirmed that Palms will be released on September 14. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. “Only Us”
  2. “The Grey”
  3. “The Dark”
  4. “Just Breathe”
  5. “Everything Belongs”
  6. “My Soul”
  7. “A Branch in the River”
  8. “Hold Up a Light”
  9. “Blood on Blood”
  10.  “Beyond the Pines”

Check out the haunting video here:

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