Thom Yorke rescues concert with a cappella take on “The Gloaming”

After a security issue forced a delay in their set, the Radiohead frontman enchanted his Argentinian fans with a stripped-down version of the song.

When speakers blow, electronics fizzle or guitars go dead, concerts typically grind to a halt. Not in Radiohead’s case.

The band were headlining the Tecnópolis festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the weekend when a crowd barrier broke. But rather than idle around the stage waiting for security to patch up the issue, Thom Yorke took things into his own hands. He surprised everyone and treated fans to a moving a cappella rendition of “The Gloaming,” off Hail to the Thief.

Yorke’s performance lasted only a minute and a half, but that was enough to placate the crowd. You can even hear them sing along with their hero—watch the fan footage of the set here:


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