The Tallest Man on Earth has a new multimedia project

'When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground' shows the folk musician in his living room, performing—and then ruminating upon—new material.

Swedish folk musician The Tallest Man on Earth has embarked on his most ambitious endeavor to date. When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground is a multimedia project that combines new music, idyllic footage of the Scandinavian wilderness, and Kristian Matsson himself sharing his deepest thoughts on camera.

“An Ocean,” launched a few days ago, is the first installment of When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground. In a cozy living room with a retrolicious guitar in hand, Matsson introduces the project and reminisces about childhood dreams before launching into the heartfelt, wispy song, warts and all. And to drive home the track’s rustic message, shots of deer, birds and other critters are woven into the video, too.

When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground is Matsson’s first ‘release’ since 2015’s Dark Bird is Home, but it won’t just take YouTube form. As the project develops into a series, Matsson will professionally mix and master the songs, then release them separately.

Watch “An Ocean” here:



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