The Horrors share two bonus tracks off ‘V’

The goth rock outfit have released “Fire Escape” and “Water Drop,” originally only available in the Japanese edition of ‘V.’

Fans of The Horrors who don’t happen to reside in Japan have two new(ish) tracks to check out: “Fire Escape” and “Water Drop.”

Both tunes were bonus tracks on the Japanese edition of the UK band’s 2017 album, V, but were shared with the rest of the world yesterday. They’re dark, hypnotic tunes that bring together alt-rock, emo and goth rock, with a ‘drippy’ synth line serving as the motif in both songs.

“In typical Horrors fashion, we initially had the two tracks as one piece of music,” the band explained. “First starting off with some synth loops our producer Paul [Epworth] put down, it evolved into this John Bonham-esque drum led track—’Fire Escape’—which halfway through shifted gear entirely into what felt like [Brian] Eno crossed with heavy Cluster/Harmonia on ‘Water Drop.’


“The tracks didn’t feel like they had a place on V but we still felt like we wanted to share them anyway as a little artifact from those sessions. A deeper cut for our fans. We hope you enjoy them.”

Check out both tracks below:

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