The holidays suck in Stella Donnelly’s “Season’s Greetings” MV

If you can’t stand festive gatherings, you’re not alone.

Stella Donnelly’s new video for “Season’s Greetings” will resonate with anyone who dreads the holidays.

The appropriately timed visual depicts a festive meal with awkward guests that spirals into disaster: Sporty games begin to go awry, lines of questioning become invasive and a full-blown food fight breaks out.

In other words, it’s a perfect video for “Season’s Greetings,” whose lyrics describe rapidly deteriorating family relations at a holiday gathering. “Why can’t you be more like your mother was when she was young / And all your idiot cousins like her more than all the other aunties,” Donnelly sings, “Yeah, ’cause she was a punk / She was a punk / She was a punk / My mum’s still a punk and you’re still shit.”

The visual for “Season’s Greetings” follows Donnelly’s video for “Die.” Both tracks appear on the Australian musician’s debut album, Beware of the Dogs, which was released in March.


Watch the “Season’s Greetings” video here:


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