The Hold Steady release new song, “You Did Good Kid”

Another cut from ‘Thrashing Thru the Passion.’

The Hold Steady have dropped “You Did Good Kid,” a new song from Thrashing Thru the Passion, their new album due out next month.

On the new track, frontman Craig Finn goes for a spoken-word delivery, similar to that of the Pixies’ Frank Black and Jack White. He tells an otherworldly story, distrustfully flitting between claims of “mutually assured destruction” and affirmations of “you did good, kid.” The album title is borrowed from a quip in this single: “The drifters in the kitchen were thrashing through the passion.”

“‘You Did Good Kid’ is the first song we worked on for this session, and remains a favorite,” Finn revealed in a statement. “It went though a few iterations before we came to this arrangement, and I’m really psyched on it. It feels great to play live.”


Most of Thrashing Thru the Passion is largely already available online: Seven of the LP’s ten songs can be found on Bandcamp. The last three tracks will be released on August 16, the album’s official drop date.

Listen to “You Did Good Kid”:


And find what’s currently available of Thrashing Thru the Passion here:

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