The Get Up Kids return with first record in seven years

“Maybe” is the latest tune from the seminal band that harkens back to the golden age of emo.

After a lengthy seven-year break, The Get Up Kids yesterday announced the June 8 release of their new EP, Kicker, and dropped “Maybe,” the ebullient single off the record.

For ’90s kids, “Maybe” is a familiar and energetic number that sets the stage for classic pop punk instrumental interplay. Think loud power chords, double-time drumbeats and an unrelenting bassline. While we aren’t sure what two decades of fresh starts, break-ups and reunions can do to a band, the video for “Maybe” suggests all that somehow culminates in a shared love of foosball.

The OGs of emo have seen some hard bends throughout their two-decade-long career. They disbanded in 2005, reunited three years later, and then released a comeback album in 2011’s There are Rules. Fast-forward seven years later, and it looks as though the band’s coming full circle with Kicker, returning to their deep emo roots.


“You always look back [with] rose-colored glasses, and I always remember when this band was really struggling and we were selling our CD collections to pay our rent and that sucked at the time,” guitarist and vocalist Jim Suptic said regarding Kicker‘s theme. “But looking back, that was an amazing time, that was so much fun.”

Check out the video for “Maybe” right here:

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