The Flaming Lips release new album ‘American Head’

The psychedelic adventurers share their 16th studio LP.

The Flaming Lips have shared their new 13-track record American Head, their 16th studio album to date.

American Head comes just over a year after their previous album King’s Mouth. Their 2019 LP was exclusively released via Record Store Day before a wide commercial release in July.

The new record maintains the band’s lysergic lyricism with “At the Movies on Quaaludes,” “Mother, I’ve Taken LSD” and “You n Me Sellin’ Weed,” amongst many of their other experimental compositions. But on American Head, the band delve into an undercurrent of melancholic introspection: “Mother, Please Don’t Be Sad” is a beautiful classic rock ballad that notably steps away from their well-known psychedelic, dance-forward sound.

There is one guest feature on American Head: Kacey Musgraves, who appears on “God and the Policeman” and contributes backing vocals to “Flowers of Neptune 6.” Stream American Head in full now:



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