The Flaming Lips get experimental on new single, “Giant Baby”

A cut from ‘King’s Mouth: Music and Songs,’ due out in July.

The Flaming Lips have made “Giant Baby,” a cut from their exclusive Record Store Day LP King’s Mouth: Music and Songs, available for streaming.

The single opens with narration from The Clash’s Mick Jones: “The giant newborn grew into a giant little boy. It wasn’t easy to find him giant baby toys. He loved outer space, and he loved the sky. He would reach out to touch it, but it was too high.” The song then dives into a spacy soundscape of robotic garble, bright percussion and guitar chords.

King’s Mouth: Music and Songs was first released in April on RSD as a limited run vinyl-only album. The record is set for an official digital release on July 19.


Listen to “Giant Baby” below:

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