The brothers of Drenge release “Fades to Black”

The latest track from their upcoming EP ‘Autonomy.’

Drenge have released a new song, “Fades to Black,” that brings out the English grunge/rock band’s poppier side.

Produced by Ross Orton, it features the brawny, abrasive guitar tone that Drenge is known and loved for, but in service of a hooky riff that fits into a straightforward song structure. The riffs also take a back seat when necessary to make space for Eoin Loveless’ vocals.

“‘Fades to Black’ cruises through a patchwork of criticisms of modern life,” Drenge said of the new song, as quoted in DIY. “But its main thrust is if you kill off the environments that make a community what it is, then eventually you’ll end up with a hollow shell. The offered solutions are only creating more problems.


“I watch venues we’ve played in, spaces we’ve written and recorded in, and places that inspire us get knocked down and turned into car parks and chain restaurants. But don’t worry, all of this is wrapped up in a three-minute crowd-pleasing Britpop ditty. Music can change the world.”

Led by Eoin and his brother Rory, Drenge have been laying low since the release of their 2015 album Undertow, but all that’s about to change with their new Autonomy EP, which is out October 5.

Listen to “Fades to Black” below:


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