The Black Keys release new album, ‘Let’s Rock’

    A rousing return to a guitar-centric sound after a five-year break.

    The Black Keys
    Image: Alysse Gafkjen

    Last Friday, The Black Keys returned with all guns blazing in the form of Let’s Rock, their ninth studio album.

    A delectable blend of radio-friendly sheen and fuzzy riffage of the sort that first landed the Ohio duo in the spotlight, Let’s Rock steps away from the psychedelic disco spotlight that its predecessor Turn Blue bathed in. That’s not to say that the album lacks danceable grooves; first single “Lo/Hi” proves otherwise. “Go,” on the other hand, feels like a romping follow-up to their 2011 hit “Lonely Boy,” complete with bursts of jagged guitar roars and bouncing percussion.

    “I knew we were going to make another record,” drummer Patrick Carney recently told the New York Times of their return. “The only thing that freaked me out was that the last show we played was in San Francisco and, man, every band breaks up in San Francisco.”

    Carney explained that the lack of keys in Let’s Rock was a somewhat conscious decision for the band. Halfway through their five-month studio booking, Carney and vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach realized that they hadn’t used keys for any of their new tracks. The duo then opted to maintain that raw guitar rock sound by omitting a range of instruments they had experimented with previously.

    Listen to The Black Keys’ new LP now: