The Black Keys get their auras cleansed in “Go” MV

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney try to make nice.

The Black Keys—made up of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney—poke fun at holistic healing retreats in their video for “Go,” the latest single from their forthcoming album, Let’s Rock.

In the clip, the duo play fictionalized version of themselves who haven’t spoken to each other in over five years. They are sent to Happy Trails, an “international community & spiritual retreat,” to work out their differences. The pair have their auras cleansed with sage, join in on communal therapy sessions and try their hand at martial arts. But they only start to reconcile after taking hallucinogens and realizing they have a common goal: making money.

“Go” follows the duo’s previously released singles, “Lo/Hi” and “Eagle Birds.” All three songs will appear on their upcoming album, Let’s Rock, due out June 28.


Watch the video for “Go” below:

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