The Beths release sophomore album, ‘Jump Rope Gazers’

The New Zealand band have also dropped a video for its title track.

Auckland indie rockers The Beths have released their sophomore album, Jump Rope Gazers.

Jump Rope Gazers, which was previewed with the tracks “Dying to Believe” and “I’m Not Getting Excited,” follows the band’s 2018 debut album, Future Me Hates Me. The new record marks the studio debut of drummer Tristan Deck, who joined The Beths in the wake of their first LP.

The new ten-track LP dropped last Friday along with a music video for its title track. Vocalist Elizabeth Stokes meanders through the wilderness of Mangawhai Heads in New Zealand, ruminating on the way a relationship can unfold. The abstraction of the “Jump Rope Gazers” music video matches the ambiguity of the song’s—and album’s—title.

“When I’ve shown that song to people, they’ve all interpreted it[s title] in different ways,” Stokes told NME of the song and its made-up title. “There’s no official meaning to it. It’s something I made up, with a very particular kind of imagery in my head. People have been like, ‘Do you mean like this?’ then tell me something completely different. That’s great! There’s no way I’d want to take that from people.”


Listen to the new album here:

And watch the video for “Jump Rope Gazers” below:


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