The Antlers drop new song, “It is What it is”

A melancholic tale of love and hindsight.

Shortly after dropping their first single in six years, “Wheels Roll Home,” The Antlers have returned with a brand-new indie gem: “It is What it is.”

Their new song immediately ushers the listener in for an intimate, melancholic experience. Vocalist Peter Silberman’s softly whispered vocals convey an emotional sense of loss whilst reminiscing about what might have gone wrong.

“‘It is What it is’ is a song about hindsight,” Silberman explained in a statement. “It considers what might have changed had you handled things differently back then, and the reluctant acceptance that it’s too late for all that now. It’s the inevitability of changing seasons, transitions that feel like loss in the moment, but come to represent growth over time.”


The accompanying music video captures a couple in a variety of intimate moments at home. Visuals of the pair dancing, showering and simply existing in a house play out simultaneously in directors Derrick Belcham and Emily Terndrup’s video. It appears that the clip also offers a visual representation of a person looking back at their relationship in a nonlinear fashion wondering what, if anything, could have changed.

Check out the video for “It is What it is” here:

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