Team Dresch return with “Your Hands My Pockets”

The Pacific Northwest group’s first new song in almost 20 years.

Team Dresch are back: The Pacific Northwest pop-punk group have released “Your Hands My Pockets,” their first new song in almost 20 years.

The track serves as both pleasant surprise for Team Dresch’s devoted fans, and delightful introduction for listeners encountering the queercore group for the first time. The three-minute song teems with infectious pop-punk hooks and tender lyrics: “It’s such a feeling to be known / Take your hands out of my pockets and put them on me,” it begins.

The release of “Your Hands My Pockets” follows a reissue of Team Dresch’s catalog, including the albums Personal Best—which marks its 25th anniversary this year—and Captain My Captain. The band have also just released a new singles compilation titled Choices, Chances, Changes, and will soon be touring North America.


Listen to “Your Hands My Pockets” here:

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