Tame Impala drop anticipated new album, ‘The Slow Rush’

Featuring an updated version of “Borderline.”

Australian rockers Tame Impala have released their third studio album, The Slow Rush.

The Kevin Parker-led band previously previewed the 12-track record with the songs “Lost in Yesterday,” “Posthumous Forgiveness” and “It Might Be Time.” The LP also features a reworked version of “Borderline,” which first arrived last April. The new version is 30 seconds shorter than the original and features a more prominent bassline.

“The last sort of two or three weeks of making the album was just nonstop,” Parker told Esquire. “I’d wake up at nine in the morning and go until midnight and then go to sleep. I didn’t watch TV. I didn’t go out to dinner. I don’t think I left my house in LA in about two weeks.”


The Slow Rush, which was initially due out in mid-2019, is Tame Impala’s first album since 2015’s Currents. Listen to it below:

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