Sweat it out to Green Day’s new aerobics music video

“Here Comes the Shock” stars Punk Rock Aerobics co-founder Hilken Mancini.

Green Day plan to whip fans into shape with the video for their new single, “Here Comes the Shock.”

The clip stars Punk Rock Aerobics co-founder Hilken Mancini, who takes viewers through an intense two-and-a-half minute workout routine filled with moves like the skank, the air guitar, the circle jog and more. The visual unfortunately does not feature appearance from any of Green Day’s members.

“We got the numbers, baby, gonna rumble in the streets / We’re screaming bloody murder, gon’ take it to the grave / Bebop a lula, baby, Annie, get your gun / We’re gonna shoot it, baby / Gonna do some damage and some damage will be done,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong belts out on the song.


“Here Comes the Shock” is the rock band’s first release of the year, following their 2020 album Father of All…. On the other hand, Armstrong kept busy during lockdown by sharing covers of “That Thing You Do!”, “Kids in America,” “That’s Rock ’n’ Roll” and more.

Watch the video for “Here Comes the Shock” below:

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