Suede announce new album with a teaser trailer

‘The Blue Hour’ is the third in a triptych of albums, and will drop in September.

Suede have just announced The Blue Hour, the band’s eighth studio album and the third of a triptych, coming after 2013’s Bloodsports and 2016’s Night Thoughts. But sorry, all you OG fans: Bernard Butler’s still nowhere to be found.

Produced by Alan Moulder, The Blue Hour was written as a continuous piece, with all its 14 tracks threaded by a common theme. “’The Blue Hour’ is the time of day when the light is fading and night is closing in,” the band explained. “The songs hint at a narrative but never quite reveal it and never quite explain [it]. But as with any Suede album, it’s always about the songwriting. The band, the passion and the noise.”

Frontman Brett Anderson shared more in an interview with NME: “This is a very complicated record, much more so than the last two—and more diverse. It’s quite a journey. There are a lot of elements that we haven’t used before, like a choir and more spoken word and dialog. There are a lot of field recordings on it, too, to thread the ideas together.”


The announcement comes on the heels of Anderson’s memoir, Coal Black Mornings, which charts Suede’s formative years. Earlier this year, the band also released a box set that commemorates the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Blue Hour, which will drop on September 21, here:

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