Stephen Malkmus links up with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon on “Refute”

Two indie rock legends, one wry, country-tinged song.

As we inch closer to the May 18 release date of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks’ seventh album, Sparkle Hard, the band has rewarded our collective patience by releasing a new single. “Refute” is a sardonic, country-tinged tune whose main hook is its guest star: the enigmatic, inimitable Kim Gordon.

The Sonic Youth and Pavement legends join forces on the duet, their lazy drawls combining as though the ’90s had never gone away. The song itself is a satirical take on Nashville country standards: Malkmus had intended to “queer the duet” and reverse the “classic ‘He said/She said’ narrative.” In other words, “Refute” is right up Gordon’s alley.

Listen to the single here:


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