Step into King Krule’s gloomy world in “Biscuit Town” video

The somber opener on ‘The OOZ’ gets a dark visual to match.

In King Krule’s music video for “Biscuit Town,” the 23-year-old musician’s teamed up with close friends Paraic and Michael Morrissey of cc Wade to create a film noir-inspired video.

The clip opens in a city made out of cardboard and follows Krule—aka Archy Marshall—as he wanders through the quiet metropolis alone, singing into a voice recorder with his signature drawl. Elsewhere, he makes a pit stop at an empty bar and takes a boat ride down a stormy river. But as soon as the singer arrives back at his apartment, he gets killed by a mysterious shooter and the city blacks out.

According to an interview with WeTransfer, the trio explained that the video was inspired by movies like Fritz the Cat and Psycho. “Basically, the video matches up with the aesthetics and the character of the song,” Marshall stated. “There’s a bit of neurosis to the video. There is an air or an atmosphere of neurosis that matches the song. The moment the camera moves from the room to the bar is almost like a flashback, it’s like the lyrics in that sense. It’s just a stream of consciousness.”


Watch the video here:

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