Soccer Mommy releases short film for “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes”

A gorgeous seven-minute single.

Soccer Mommy—aka Sophie Allison—has released a short film for her new song, “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes.”

The new single is in the same sonic world as Allison’s last release, “Lucy,” but at seven minutes, is a more ambitious showcase of the Nashville musician’s songwriting talents. “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes” shoots—successfully—for timelessness, a mood that director Alex Ross Perry matches in his intimate, amber-hued short film.

In a press statement, Allison shed light on the song’s origin and meaning: “‘Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes’ is a song that is really important to me. The song was inspired by a time when I was on the road constantly and I felt like I was losing time—specifically with my mother. It’s also a song that I feel really showcases my writing when it comes to instrumentation, so it’s one that makes me really proud.”

Soccer Mommy’s last album was her debut full-length Clean, released March 2018. Watch the short film for “Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes” below:



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