Sheer Mag are back with a new single, “Blood from a Stone”

A cut from their upcoming sophomore LP, ‘A Distant Call.’

Acclaimed power pop outfit Sheer Mag have just dropped a new single titled “Blood from a Stone.”

Featuring clean, punchy guitar riffs and frontwoman Tina Halladay’s signature fiery vocals, the energetic track showcases what the band does so well: putting a modern spin on ’70s classic rock to create a uniquely Sheer Mag sound. “Yeah I won’t cry / ’Cause with you I’m so alone / There’ll be no comfort for my aching heart / It’s blood from a stone,” Halladay belts in the chorus.

“Blood from a Stone” is set to appear on A Distant Call, the band’s sophomore album and the follow-up to 2017’s Need to Feel Your Love. It’s due out August 23 via Wilsuns RC.


Listen to the single below:

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