Sharon Van Etten takes a thrilling left turn on “Comeback Kid”

Four years after 'Are We There.'

Early yesterday, Sharon Van Etten released “Comeback Kid”—an aptly titled song to mark her return to music after four years away.

Fans expecting more of the heartbreak balladry that landed her last album, Are We There, on so many best-of-2014 lists will be disappointed. Instead, the John Congleton-produced “Comeback Kid” will make you want to dance and pump your fist.

Taut drums inject the track with energy, while the layers of synth and squall that build in the background send even more electricity coursing through Van Etten’s vocals. According to a press release, believe it or not, “Comeback Kid” started as a piano ballad. Can you tell?


Though Van Etten has been quiet on the music front, “Comeback Kid” is just another instance of the artistic left-turns she’s been taking lately. In the four years between albums, she landed her first acting gig in the Netflix series The OA, did her first film score and wrote a closing title song for comedian Tig Notaro’s television show.

“Comeback Kid” is the first single off Van Etten’s new album Remind Me Tomorrow, out January 18 on Jagjaguwar. Listen to the track below:

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