(Sandy) Alex G releases new single, “Gretel”

From his forthcoming album, ‘House of Sugar.’

(Sandy) Alex G has released “Gretel,” the otherworldly lead single of his upcoming album, House of Sugar.

The new release is a psych rock apparition that lyrically, has not all that much to do with Hansel and Gretel’s dark story, though the artist—real name Alex Giannascoli—alludes to a particular House of Sugar calling him back. Standing as a metaphor for a yet-unknown vice, the notional house might be the wreck and ruin of Giannascoli. “Did they bury me here?” he questions in the song’s opening verse. “I don’t wanna go back, nobody’s gonna push me off-track,” he vows on the hook.

“Gretel” arrived with a video, in old-fashioned 4:3 aspect ratio, interspersing footage of a muddy car derby with shots of Giannascoli cruising around with kids near green fields. The song bodes well for House of Sugar, Giannascoli’s ninth studio album and his follow-up to 2017’s Rocket. It’s due out via Domino Recordings on September 13.


Watch the video for “Gretel”:

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